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Blueprint Design

Juan Pampanas Designs is a fine custom furniture and cabinet manufacturer that specializes in contemporary and modern designs. The company's woodworking shop consists of a fully staffed team of experienced cabinet makers and designers that assist clients in realizing their vision. Within the array of its services in manufacturing furniture and cabinetry, the company also offers consultations, designs and project drawings.  


Juan Pampanas Designs has furnished residential and commercial properties of local and international clients. In the South Florida market, the company’s residential projects include condos at the St. Regis, Apogee, Murano Grande, Porsche Tower, Oceana Key Biscayne and Continuum South Beach, as well as homes on Key Biscayne, Star Island, Fisher Island and Miami Beach.  The team at JPD has also completed commercial projects in hotels, office spaces, restaurants and boutique stores. As a distinguished woodworking shop, the company has been privileged to work with clients that range from celebrities to fashion icons to top business entrepreneurs. 


With over 30 years of experience, clients of Juan Pampanas Designs can trust that any project selected by Juan will consist of a first-rate service, the highest quality product and artistry that transcends time.

-JPD Team

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