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A True Master of his Trade


Born and raised in Spain with a background in architecture and an apprenticeship with the renowned Vladimir Kagan, Juan possesses an unparalleled skill for fine custom furniture and cabinetry.  In 1979, Juan left his position at an esteemed architecture firm in Madrid and relocated to New York.  Starting out as a banker in the Banco Central of Spain in Manhattan, Juan realized within a few years that his passion lied in being creative and working with his hands. His persistence, hard work ethic and design background landed him an apprenticeship in Vladimir Kagan's shop in New York City where he focused on creating and building midcentury modern furniture. 


In 1984, Juan branched off and established his own custom furniture and cabinet making business in Brooklyn, NY.  Juan’s attention to detail, extensive knowledge of woodwork, architectural background and craftsmanship that consists of a subtle luxury attracted clients that were looking for refined, high quality designs and woodwork.  Ten years later, Juan moved his business to Miami, FL.  The demand of high-end products by South Florida’s residents and investors was a perfect fit for Juan’s contemporary and modern artistic vision - using the finest quality woods to develop timeless elegant pieces.

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